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Space Tycoon is a computer board game where you wheel and deal for domination of the galaxy. It allows you to play against another human opponent (Space Tycoon supports Hot Seat, Internet, LAN, Modem and Serial connections!) or a computer generated player. Each player takes turns rolling the dice to advance across the gameboard. You'll land on one of several planets and utility companies. To become a monopolist, you must attempt to shrewdly purchase a majority of real estate. You can then, in turn, charge your opponent rent for landing on your property. This may include everything from space stations to starports. You can occasionally make deals with the bank or even outwit your opponent via trading. Moving across the board can be profitable, but it can also be costly. You'll definitely land on "Space Pirates" squares that force you to pay up. "Aliens" squares may require you to visit nearby planets or pay taxes, while an unlucky turn might land you in hospital. Space Tycoon presents a variety of scenarios, so you'll never know what to expect. The program's lone option lets you save games to disk and load them later. Space Tycoon can actually be customized with software skins, thus allowing you to play in entirely different worlds. You can download new skins (Sexy Space, Antique) or make your own and publish it on our site.

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