If you like making puzzles now you can create your own ones. Turn your favorite pictures into jigsaw puzzles and make them right away on your computer. You can use your digital pictures (either from your digital camera or scanned from your paper photographs) or any image you get from the Web. SoletePuzzle can read pictures in BMP, JPEG and GIFF format. You can select the size of the puzzle and the number of pieces to make an easy or challenging puzzle, it is up to you! Make the puzzle at your own pace. Put a few pieces now and save it for later. You can save your progress at any time and continue later on, when you are ready. You can combine pieces together into groups, even if you do not know exactly where they fit in the puzzle, yet (just as you would do with a real puzzle). You can use auxiliary trays to organize and classify the pieces (by shape, color, etc.). This will help you keep the screen uncluttered and simplify making the puzzle. You can create puzzle collections (like photo albums) for easy access to the pictures you want to use. You can use a simple or advanced user interface. The simple interface is especially intended for children so they can enjoy making puzzles the easy way. Screen texts and user documentation available in English and Spanish. You can use sound effects and some other tools to help you make the puzzle in a simpler way.


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