Snake Sentence



SNAKE SENTENCE between Sudoku and Crosswords. 100 % New 100 % logical 100 % Relaxation. Do you know your alphabet? Do you like puzzle games? Do you like letter games? So this new game is your game! SNAKE SENTENCE is a puzzle game allying the logic and the linguistic knowledge. Find the letters and find the secret sentence before the end of the time! Be LOGICAL to complete the grid and use your linguistic knowledge to discover the hidden sentence. You know your alphabet? Then discover this new game and win the first cups " Snake Sentence ". You like English? Then meet Nina's challenges and win the trophy! You learn French and you wish to perfect? Play the French grid of "Snake Sentence". A FUNNY AND FASCINATING CONCEPT TO PLAY with LETTERS, WORDS and DEVELOP your logic! To be discovered from 7 to 107 years. This game proposes: - 2000 puzzles (English and French) - 5 Skills (3x3 in 7x7) - 4 indications (vowels, road, square and distribution) - 3 bonuses (stopwatches, point and price of the powers) - Possibility of annotating squares or letters - 3 Cups - 4 Challenges - 1 Trophy

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