Siege of Avalon, Chapter 1

3D Action Games


Follow the chronicle of one soldier's adventure into legend. Just outside the gates of Avalon a 12 year war realizes its climax... The uneasy alliance of seven western kingdoms created the Citadel of Avalon as a mighty fortress. For 12 years, the battle has been gallantly fought against the Sha'ahoul, raiders from the distant steppes of the east. But in the last eight months, the Citadel has become a city of refugees, a city under siege. The Sha'ahoul, under the banner of the Shaman Warlord Mithras, are waging a genocidal war against the Citadel. Avalon's garrison is depleted. A final devastating assault is expected at any time. But who or what is the enemy? Now is the time for courage. For a hero. Now is the time for the birth of a legend.


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