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HelpDesk lite is a powerful, easy-to-use collaboration tool based on Lotus Notes/Domino platform. With HelpDesk lite, you'll be able to: * Submit service requests via simple forms; * Manage and monitor your requests; * Communicate with HelpDesk team quick; * Print reports on the state of your requests; * Utilize various features such as escalation, automatic notifications, sort, search through, and more. HelpDesk lite is opensource software released under GNU General Public License. The are a number of advantages that opensource code offers over closed source: * Security: Access to source code makes it easier to detect security flaws in software * Customization: Open source applications may be customized by anyone with the requisite skill * Restriction: Open source applications can be used without any restrictions (users, servers count) HelpDesk lite requires Lotus Notes/Domino version 6 or higner. For more information you can:


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