Roxie's ABC Fish

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Offers an enjoyable game environment in which children can easily learn upper and lower case letters and numbers to 100. In Roxie's ABC Fish, Roxie, a friendly, animated, talking cat, plays 'Go Fish' with a child, and asks for a card containing a number or an upper or lower case letter. The child either clicks on his or her card containing that number or letter, or on the draw deck. Roxie gently guides the child in selecting the correct card.When a 'Go Fish' game is completed, a set of puzzles is displayed for the child to select. The child will also choose the number of puzzle pieces, and when the puzzle is solved,it becomes animated and talks to the child. Children enjoy playing the 'Go Fish' game, and look with anticipation to which part of the puzzle will inform them that it is now time to go 'back to the game.'

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