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Roger Wilco presents a small, standalone application that allows you and your friends to talk to each other while playing multiplayer games online. It works with most existing games, such as Half-Life, Quake II, Diablo, Tribes, Unreal Tournament, and StarCraft, and will also work with other games that have multiplayer capabilities still in development. (You can find the full list of compatible games here.) In addition to games, Roger Wilco will work with ICQ so that you can chat verbally with your nongamer friends.You talk to the other players by either pressing a single key or by setting up Roger Wilco to be voice activated. You don't need a second sound card, just one capable of full-duplex audio and a microphone. Roger Wilco supports thousands of users on a channel without the need for a dedicated server, and a 14.4 kbps modem is sufficient (28.8 kbps or higher is preferred). This new version has removed the user registration, has several bug fixes, and has in-game support for the latest version of GameSpy.Roger Wilco is like gamer's paradise. You can play in multiplayer mode with verbal interaction and can command your team of Mechs or taunt your enemies as you hunt them down. Warn other players of potential hazards or trick them into a dragon's lair. It's entirely up to you. It really brings multiplayer gaming to life. Best of all, it's free.

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