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Platform Studio is a free, revolutionary, easy-to-use platform game creator. Unlike other popular 2D game creators, Platform Studio specializes in creating one of the most fun and addicting styles of 2D games: platform-based games. It includes many features that make game-creating easier than ever before, and for those experienced game creators, it includes a VB.NET script editor, making the possibilities endless! But the beauty of Platform Studio is, no scripting is required at all! The five main editors in Platform Studio are the Level Editor, the Path Editor, the Tileset Editor, the Action Editor, and the Window Editor. Platform Studio is also equipped with many visual effects, including tile animations, window transitions, movie playing capabilities, multilevel transparency, and real-time sprite rotation. Platform Studio is capable of creating other types of games as well, such as auto-scrolling shoot-'em-up games. Known issues for Windows 98/Me.

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