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Tangrams is a moving piece puzzle game originated in China about 250 years ago. It was brought to the western world during the 19th century. Today, Tangrams is a popular game for both adults and children around the world. The game consists of seven pieces of different shapes and sizes. The goal is to put these pieces together to form a figure. The rules are quite simple: You must use all seven pieces, they must lay flat, they must touch and none may overlap. Mobile Tangrams is a Pocket PC version of the popular puzzle game "Tangrams". It contains over 250 puzzles. Using stylus, you can manipulate the pieces very easily just as manipulating tangible pieces with you hand. A must-have game for your PPC. For every figure to be solved, the figure is shown at the center of the screen, while the 7 pieces are located at four corners. You can use three kind of actions to manipulate the pieces: move, rotate and flip. To move a piece, just click anywhere(except corner) of the piece that you want to move, then drag the piece to anywhere on the screen you like. To rotate a piece, just any corner of the piece that you want to rotate, a circle and radius will show up. Drag the radius line and piece will rotate around its center accordingly. To flip the parallelogram piece, just double click it. If you really don't have any idea how to solve a figure, you can click the "key" button on the toolbar to see a hinted piece shown on the figure. The trial version will let you play 9 puzzles. For more information, please visit http://www.uiexpert.com

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