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My Quiz Show is a Jeopardy style game with more features than the TV version. Use our educational games to add your own content and the results will blow your audiance away! Offering rich 3D graphics and an easy-to-use game builder, we think you will agree our software makes creating games a breeze. There is no question when people have fun during learning they retain more information. My Quiz Show™ game show software provides a format to help teach or review any topic. Questions can be in a variety of formats, including true/false, multiple choice, and open-ended questions. All of our classroom games include a summary feature to review key objectives pertaining to your questions. Images, text, videos, and PowerPoint slides (SWF & JPEG), can be added to either your questions or as part of your summary review. Also check out our games for for the web or track scores with our Learning Management System (LMS). Runs on Any Platform! Use our software as a game building engine to create games that can be played on any type of computer - PC or Mac*.


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