MousePeople Games Pack



MousePeople Games Pack is a collection of 4 highly addictive games for your Pocket PCs - Solitaire Pack, Mahjong Solitaire, Abduction and Jungle Checkers - with over 60 solitaire games, 40 mahjong layouts, over 300 Abduction (sokoban) levels and a monkey who tries to line up 4 coconuts of the same color. MousePeople Solitaire 2.0 Features: Undo, Hint, View Statistics, Select Color Scheme, Select Card Back, Select Number of Redeals (some games), Auto-Move, Drag-and-Drop/Tap-and-move, Stats Reset, Won Game Icon, Game Timer. MousePeople Mahjong Solitaire 1.0 Features: 40 game layouts with Undo,Hint,Stats,Game Timer,5 Reshuffles,Completed Game Indicator. Abduction 1.0 Info and Features:: Over 300 Free Abduction Levels courtesy of David Skinner and Evgeniy Grigoriev plus more levels downloadable for free! Jungle Checkers Info: A simple yet engaging game of connect-four.

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