Know Your Bible 2001

Educational Games


A multi-media Christian software program comprised of 10 fun and educational games designed to help you learn the Books, People, and Major Events of the Bible. Know Your Bible 2001 uses Peedy the Talking and Animated Parrot to teach all the Books of the Bible and is a great learning tool for Individuals, Families, Sunday School classes and more. You simply study a topic in Learn Mode and then take a Quiz to reinforce it. Quizzes include animation, sound effects, and track your time, percentage correct, and your score. In addition, a 'Play with Peedy' feature allows you to control what he says and does. The Freeware Edition contains only the New Testament Books. The Deluxe Edition also contains the Old Testament Books, Old Testament People, Old Testament Events, Life of Joseph Events, Life of David Events, New Testament Events, Life of Christ Events, Miracles of Jesus, and Passion Week Events. It also allows you to track and display the overall top 10 scores (and players) for all 10 topics or each player’s top 10 scores for all 10 topics so that you can improve your own progress or compare your score with the scores of other players. Finally, you can take Quizzes in either forward or backward direction. This program uses Microsoft Agent Technology.

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