Kid's Digital Mosaic



Kid's Digital Mosaic is fun mosaic building game,designed for kids to improve their creativity without being confused with computer operating system. You will be amazed at how quickly your child develops visual memory,hand and eye motor skills, and concentration skills.Your child is developing basic computer skills, even before entering the school environment! All you need is a PC with Windows 98 or higher. You can choose from dozens of mosaic tiles, which can be colored in any of few billions(or millions? i forgot...) colors yours PC can display!With the left mouse button you can place a mosaic tile on the board. With dragging the mouse multiple tiles can be placed. Then just right click or chose eraser tool and erase what you don't like! :) For more fun,peaces can be placed with 4 modes of symmetry that makes almost impossible to draw something non good looking! You can save your unfinished work to virtual gallery with just two mouse clicks and finish later that new master-peace,even you don't need to save anything,next time loaded Kid's Digital Mosaic will continue where it stopped,nothing lost! Real-toy looking, easy to use, user,sorry,KID-friendly interface to satisfy the children's demands.This is a great, creative peace of software-toy for kids!!

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