Hc/Calc Golf Handicapping

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A fully-integrated, US/Canadian handicapping program with optional tee-time reservations and tournament scorekeeping program for golf courses and league managers It supports up to six classes of players and 26 leagues (3 leagues maximum per player). Features include 9, 18, 27 hole, individual hole score entry with ESC or totals. Entire leagues may be entered for tournaments at the touch of a button. Tournament organizing is simplified by automatic flights and foursomes grouping (by handicap, random, men/ladies). It features a wide assortment of gross/net tournament competitions with seasonal summaries. Tee-times may simultaneously be entered by a membership and operator with direct cable connection or networking. Added, Version 4: Updates player handicaps from and to tournament files. First-to-last and last-to-first sorts for multiple-round tournaments. Improved membership interface for score and reservation entries.

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