Full Contact Debate

3D Action Games


Full Contact Debate is an interactive political cartoon. Players engage in multiplayer mayhem taking control of their candidate of choice. All in-game action translates directly to online polls as well as a campaign contributor list. Players compete to keep their candidate of choice on top! The camera in particular has been tweaked with multiple focus points, tethering, a non-intrusive 3rd person friction target system, and smooth interpolation between vantage points. The physics have also had special attention to give the gameplay the proper feel. Our aim was to cross the mechanics of Super Smash Bros. and Halo. The end result is a fully 3D smash'n push game that allows for a broad range of gameplay modes. Content for this free title will be delivered as the presidential race progresses. New episodes will feature new locales, weapons, candidates, issues, and secrets! We entered open beta on 2/20/2008 and are well on our way to building a community of politically active gamers. Playing is participating! How will you represent your cause? www.fullcontactdebate.com


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