FILLER for Pocket PC (ARM/XScale)



"Filler" is a new and exciting logical game. The goal of the game is to capture more territory than your opponent. The game has a pleasant music and sound effects. You can play against computer or against each other. IT'S TIME TO SHOW YOUR TACTICS !!! Tip 1: Try to limit the capability of your competitor to select his most advantageous color. Tip 2: First try to capture the territory situated between your territory and the competitor's territory. Accessible game options: - 3 game modes: Human-Computer, Computer-Computer, Human-Human. - 4 complexity levels: Easy, Average, Hard, Expert. - Opportunity to choose the quantity of colors: from 4 to 8. - Size tuning of the captured territory before the stage is over. - Opportunity to choose a starting position: random or fixed. - Opportunity to choose amount of wins. - Adjustable volume of sound effects and music.


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