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Solve and construct professional crosswords on your Windows computer! New features include SCROLLABLE clue list, dictionary 'hot-link' support, extensive on-line help and Java applet for deploying interactive crosswords to websites. Crossword puzzle numbering is done for you by the computer, eliminating time-wasting mistakes. Crossdown's Autoclue feature guides you effortlessly through the cluing process so that no clues are overlooked or omitted. Printing capabilities continue to be the 'best in the industry' with the ability to output puzzles in a variety of formats. With the REGISTERED version, you can output puzzles for DTP use as Encapsulated PostScript, Windows Metafile, or bitmap files and as ASCII text. Demo version includes 6 sample puzzles constructed by the top names in the field. With the REGISTERED version, you can also print manuscripts in either standard (clues on left) or Dell (clues on right) format. Registered users also get FREE (within reason) crossword construction tutoring and marketing assistance. Latest version has been enhanced and improved to take full advantage of all current Windows environments!

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