Break Ball 2

Arcade Style Games


The next generation of Break Out style games has arrived. Break Ball 2 allows you to choose from 6 unique paddle types, from a magnetic paddle that allows you to switch polarities at will, to a winds paddle that doesn't actually touch the balls it hits, but simply blows them away. Also you can choose from 6 different basic ball looks, and there's 4 special ball powerups w/ unique ablilities. Break Ball 2 also has the various modes the first one did, including 2-player team games, versus games (both can be played via network), and a versus a challenging computer mode w/ 3 different difficulties. With 26 unique powerups, colorfull backgrounds and brick types, unique physics modling allowing you to put spin on the ball and momentum effects (the faster and larger the ball is, the more damage it does); this is the new standard for break out games. The full version comes with a board editor so you can create your own boards, and upload/download other boardsets online so that the action will never stop. Try out the shareware, than visit to get your own copy today!

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