Alhademic Pocket Lines

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Alhademic Pocket Lines is a quite addictive mind game where you arrange colored balls on a board to form lines from balls of identical colors. Lines of five or more balls vanish from the board, increasing your score. In addition, you may assemble blocks, or rectangle shapes instead of lines. The game ends when the board is filled with balls and no qualifying line (or pattern) exists. The game has sparkling graphics, this is a first skinnable game for mobile computers. We believe that Alhademic Pocket Lines will bring a refreshing diversity to the multitude of computer mind games. This program is intended for use on color or black-white PCs (PalmSize PC, HandHeld PC, HandHeld Pro, Pocket PC) running Windows CE 2.0 or later. MIPS, StrongARM, SH3/SH4 processors are supported by game.

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