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  • Developer: Nguyen Son Tung, Martin Stefan
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  • License type: Free
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Free but stylish email client with a lot of features. Comparable with any commercial product. New and Open-source. Fast and optimized for hardware contrains of mobile devices. Operations are multithreaded. That means you can send mails, retrieve mails from multiple mailbox and change settings at once. Uses RMS to store mails persistenly on the device, it means you don't have to connect to server in order to read old mails, which saves you a lot of money. Unique ability to redownload a damaged mail or bodypart and repair it. Minimal round-trips time while retrieving or sending emails, that means fast communication with email servers. Can use a queue for outgoing mails for faster batch mail sending, which uses less bandwith. Automatic new mail checking and downloading at a given time period. Contains INBOX, OUTBOX, SENTBOX, DRAFT.. folders for better email management. Easy mailbox accounts managements. Unlimited mail accounts. Mails in folders can be sorted by various criterias. Supports standard mail flags like Read, Unread, Replied... and diplays these flags by icons. Supports basic mail attachments like *.png, *.jpg, *.gif images. Extensive settings set to suite your taste. IMAP4, POP3, SMTP, SSL supported, that means all type of email accounts are supported! Free! and still being improved and new features will be added ;)

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