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Protea Mail Tools package for Lotus Notes/Domino 5.03 and higher for Windows NT/2000/XP is designed to archive e-mail messages using several criteria (date range, all mail messages, incoming from Internet, etc.) and to archive incoming and outgoing mail passing through Lotus Domino. The archived mail retains all of its original properties, including the folder from which it was stored. Protea Mail Tools for Lotus Notes/Domino does the following: Saves in the archive's data base all incoming and outdoing mail. Archives all mail messages located in the data bases of Lotus Domino on server. Utilizes a variety of different criteria to select documents for archiving and mail messages. Saves messages with no modification. Automated message deletion. Creates archive in one single data base for all users or in different data bases for different users. Runs automatically on days and times as set by administrator. Records in log file information regarding all actions with documents and mail messages.


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