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Authenticated-SMTP, ACL - full support, CRAM-MD5Authentication, Anti-SPAM blocking, IMAP4,IMAP4rev1,POP3, SMTP,ESMTP, ISO-8859 (1 - 9) Character support,MIME, UUEncoding, BinHex, (MDN) Receipts after Reading, Quoted-Printable (8bit support), RichText (Bold,Italic, Underlined), 72 column Wordwrap mode, UTF-7characters, Multiple Address Books, Mailing Lists, Highly Customisable options, Filters for automated tasks, Spell Checker and Dictionary, Template-Forms, Queing for sending in batches later, PGP Encryption *, Offline-Mode, Multiple User Accounts, Centralised Administration, Supports multiple Postoffices, Remote Outbox (for sent-mail), Trashcan (User defined), Both Local and Remote Storage, Search Query-Expression Builder, URL Highlighting, Reply / Forward / Redirect, User-defined Status-Flags, Namespaces Support, DSN - Receipts after delivery, New Mail notification,Scaleable Client / Server, Server-side searching, EmailStatus-Flags, Shared Mailboxes (multiuser), Append toremote mailboxes, Copy messages between mailboxes, Create, rename, delete Mailboxes, Download Attachmentsseperately.


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