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>POP3 Easy is a FREE utility that automatically checks unlimited number of POP email and Hotmail accounts and notifies you of new emails you have received. POP3 Easy runs in your system tray (the area next to the clock on your computer). With just a few configuration settings, POP3 Easy will automatically check your mail, including your Hotmail account, as often as you like. When you've got new email you'll be reported which account has new email. You will see the sender, the subject, the date and time and the size of all the messages. When new e-mail arrives, a flashing icon appears in your system tray. Features of POP3 Easy are: It supports POP3 and Hotmail email. It can checks unlimited numbers of email accounts. You can customize the email notification. It checks your email accounts at any time you want. It connects you automaticaly to your Hotmail email accounts inbox. You can see all your new emails from all your accounts in one window. View your e-mail It's FREE. It's easy.

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