Mail Essentials for Exchange 5.5/2000

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Mail essentials can protect Exchange server from all kinds of email-borne threats, such as viruses, dangerous attachments, email attacks, spam and offensive content. This is the first available content checking and anti-virus gateway to offer native integration with Microsoft Exchange 2000. Mail essentials 2000 has a number of new features, including a rules-based interface that allows the network administrator to set up an unlimited number of content checking rules (for example, automatically delete .exe files, or quarantine .zip files) and apply them to groups of users and/or individual users. Apart from scanning for email threats, Mail essentials also offers key email features such as the addition of a disclaimer to each outgoing email, email use reports, archiving of all email, server-based PGP encryption, an anti-spam module, POP3 downloader, and server-based auto replies.


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