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MailAssistant (Christmas Edition) is an innovative email notification software that reads out email messages aloud and notifies you of new messages as they arrive using an animated Santa character. You can quickly preview the sender's address, subject, size and contents of each message and optionally save or delete the messages before downloading from your email accounts. MailAssistant is a desktop enhancement tool that can read any text file, webpages, documents and clipboard with natural-sounding, understandable voice. MailAssistant can be scheduled to check your email account at any time interval you like. Runs in system tray, can check any number of email accounts and supports proxy server. Once Christmas is over, you can continue to use MailAssistant with a host of other characters, including Merlin, Genie, Peedy, Bill, Dog etc. Separate versions are available for British English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Japanese and Korean languages.

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