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Mail Storage Center is an application that allows archiving e-mail, automatically and with absolute security. In fact, Mail Storage Center’s functions allow archiving the sent or received e-mail in SQL database, using Certified Security e-Mail, a certificated and private e-mail system, with an Antispam included and integrated. Mail Storage Center offers to the companies the opportunity to have a centralized archive in which they can store – with absolute security – the business communications and gives the individual users the option to search “historically” their own e-mails, through a special function. Mail Storage Center is based in the standard communication protocols and in advanced technologies, ensuring a high degree of reliability and security of the information, with a special attention in privacy protection. Mail Storage Center is also of great help to easily comply with the recent policy requirements in the field of electronic communication archiving and in privacy protections. Compatible and transparent with each e-mail system Mail Storage Center can be adapted to any e-Mail system in use (Exchange, Unix/Linux…) and completely integrated to the most used mail browsers (Outlook, Thunderbird, Express, Netscape, Eudora...), it results transparent to the users. Supported by the CSM program (Certified Security e-Mail), Mail Storage Center is absolutely able to manage the centralized archive of the companies’ communications. Guarantee of an “historical and safe“ archive Mail Storage Center guarantees the companies the creation and conservation of and “historical archive” of the electronic communications. Often, the e-mail is saved in the user PC, with the high risk of being lost due to an eventual “crash” or because of an involuntary removal


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