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In order to perform email migration from GroupWise to Office 365 in an efficient and effective manner, choosing reliable third party tool is the best option. Among various tools present in the market, Kernel Office 365 migrator for GroupWise is the most preferred tool. By using this tool, you can effortlessly migrate GroupWise mailboxes to Office 365 & get a better emailing experience through cloud computing environment. The advanced algorithms equipped within the tool make possible to the free GroupWise to Office 365 conversion. It also has the capability to successfully convert single or multiple mailboxes to cloud with the help of two different options: Single GroupWise mailbox migration and Multiple GroupWise mailbox migration. Further, Single GroupWise mailbox migration contains six sub modes like: default mode, login mode, online mode, caching mode, remote mode, and command mode. Any particular type of email item (Mail, Tasks, Calendar and Contacts) can also be converted by this email conversion software quickly. Furthermore, migration of GroupWise emails within specific date range can also be carried out by the given option in the tool. The interactive, GUI and self-explanatory features of the tool makes it unique tool in this range. Thus, users having no technical expertise can also work with this software and place their GroupWise email items into Cloud Computing environment. It offers you preview of the complete mailbox items in Text or HTML format. For more details:

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