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Flash Mailer Pro is professional software for fast mass dispatch of e-mails. The program sends e-mails both through external SMTP server(s), and through built - in SMTP relay. Using built - in SMTP server Flash Mailer Pro connecting directly to each addressee that enables to determine instantly, whether the letter has arrived to him. For increase of dispatch speed, Flash Mailer Pro can send simultaneously any quantity of e-mails since has 100 % multi-threaded architecture not causing outflow of memory. DNS smart cache (tm) technology increasing of dispatch speed through built - in SMTP the server and batch mode for acceleration of dispatch through external relay is realized. It allows to send e-mails on the highest speeds! The program gives statistics of sending of letters in real time, allows to add any quantity of attachments, to dispatch the HTML-formatted messages, the built - in editor of letters supports highlighting of HTML syntax. Flash Mailer Pro supports the personalized dispatch, i.e. the program can automatically substitute macros in the message to each recipient. Dispatch through SOCKS servers for maintenance of full anonymity of the sender is realized. Flash Mailer Pro contains the advanced system of filters bypassing of various mail servers! The program has very high passable ness at the expense of advanced randomization and full emulation of popular mailers (such as Outlook), and also at the expense of the full control over process of dispatch. Also it is not full list of all opportunities of the given software! Having ample opportunities of e-mails dispatch to use Flash Mailer Pro it is very simple, since this software has a very user friendly and easily understandable interface. A lot of time has been spent in the perfection of the software: each minute detail has been thought through and every rule of creation for the professional user interface has been followed. We guarantee that once you try it out, you will not reject it!


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