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Why FamilyMail? Do you have parents or relatives you do not visit often and feel that you do not keep in touch with them? In the days before the Internet, people send letters, photos, gifts to keep in touch. In the internet age, people keep in touch by email, photo attachments, and e-cards. Parents and relatives who are now retired or too busy to learn how to use the computers or afraid to use computers are now 'off-line' from the Internet. FamilyMail is a simple to use email-system non-computer users can use. FamilyMail is so easy to use your parents and relatives can easily keep in touch with you. You can send cute pictures, write letters (with instant delivery), or even have your children send them messages! How does it work? Once the computer is turned on, FamilyMail attempts to connect to the Internet, downloads the emails (letters and photos) and disconnects from the Internet. When the computer is not used after a few minutes, FamilyMail can even turn the computer off. When FamilyMail is running, you can wait for the screen to turn the pages automatically, or press the [Ctrl] key. To reply to an email, type on your keyboard and it will compose a reply automatically. To instantly send the reply, press the [Ctrl] key again. Weshalb FamilyMail? Haben Sie Eltern oder Verwandte, die Sie nicht regelmäßig sehen können und die sich manchmal von Ihrem Leben ausgeschlossen fühlen? Dann ist FamilyMail die Lösung für Sie: FamilyMail ermöglicht es, mit Ihnen in Verbindung zu bleiben. Testen Sie die kostenlose Vollversion (30 Tage frei), auf Pourquoi FamilyMail? FamilyMail permet aux personnes qui ne connaissent pas l'informatique de rester brancher en utilisant l'e-mail simplement. Essayez-le gratuitement pendant 30 jours sur

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