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Exchange Monitor™ 2003, an email monitoring software solution, is built specifically for Exchange administrators. Exchange Monitor provides detailed reporting on email, mailbox and public folder usage and brings key Exchange information to the fingertips of its users. Each domain or server from which you need to import data can be given a weekly schedule for automatic data import. The user can add and configure domains and servers by detecting all computers in your domain. Need Easy Exchange reporting? With Exchange Monitor, you have what you need to manage your environment and plan your resources better. Key Features: Uses an intuitive and easy-to-use XP-style interface Reports on email volume and traffic, user data, folder sizes and more Generates reports in seconds with minimum keystrokes or mouse-clicks Offers easy report drill-down for more details and information Allows data export in all major formats Allows the easy addition of new reports without reinstall Allows separate import scheduling by domain or server Graphically shows domain topology Allows the “scoping” of report parameters by domain, server or enterprise Supports multiple database formats, including MS-SQL and MS Access Supports multiple Exchange servers for reporting purposes Supports multiple databases for managing different clients, units, etc. Designed to be easy-to-use and affordable, Exchange Monitor provides detailed reports on your email, mailbox and public folder usage. It puts the data you need at your fingertips so you can stop wondering what’s happening and start thinking about what to do about it. No more wondering when your peak traffic times are. No more questions about who is eating up your drive space or what domain is spamming you. With Exchange Monitor™ 2003, you have control of your environment and can be proactive about managing it. Get your copy now.

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