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E-Marketing is the tool you will need to expand your business and get new contacts. You can search starting from any web site as you wish. It helps make your business grow you and reach more people sharing the same interest. E-Marketing is a very useful tool especially for affiliates, webmasters, authors and software developers. You can easily create email lists and send in one click. Furthermore, it has the ability to scan for an unlimited period of time. Major features: Depth level control Collect email that are related to your activities Send multiple emails at once If you want we can personalise E-Marketing to add feature you need! Precise & Fast E-mail collecting from field of your interest. Simple to learn and to work with. Automatically removes duplicate URL addresses to avoid redundant searches Automatically removes duplicate E-mails Connects to a search engine using key words you provide to develop a list of URLs Extracts email from pages with tables & frames, CGI, PHP, ASP pages and other dynamic pages Can follow external URLs, with optionally "Unlimited" mode Specifies the maximum extraction depth level relative to starting URL Saves emails in an output html file which can be easily exported to many formats. Easier to learn and use than any other email collecting program. And MUCH MORE...

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