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Email for your domain will be hosted on Dynu email servers. You will be able to send/receive email for your domain via our email servers using this service. * 50 POP3 mailboxes come with the service. Mailboxes may be added/removed using web based email service management tool. * Wildcard(also known as 'catch all') user alias included which means one of the mailboxes will receive email for any unknown users and this allows you to advertise virtually any email address for your personal or business use. 100 MB of storage space included. Additional storage space in 50MB increments is only $9.99/year. * Autoresponders. * Incoming copies. * Compatible with any POP3 email client such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Pegasus, Netscape, Opera etc. * 24x7 phone and email based technical support. * Web based email client also included. This allows you to send/receive emails via a browser from anywhere in the world. * Web based management tool included. Email management web interface allows you to make changes to your email service options in real time including but not limited to add/remove users, setup forwarding addresses, edit personal info etc.

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