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DMail is an advanced email server package providing a complete internet mail solution for sending and receiving email across your organization, and over the internet. Provides a secure, highly efficient messaging service for high-volume systems and large customer bases. Highly compatible and easy to install and setup. Dlist, a fully integrated email list server (for creating and managing mailing lists) is incorporated in the DMail software package at no extra cost. The NetAuth utility, also included, provides user administration from the web, so you can allow your customers to look after their own routine changes to things like passwords, autoresponders, mailing lists and even account creation. DMail can be combined with Netwin’s WebMail, a fully-featured web interface, to give all your users the convenience of instant access to their email from any computer on the internet. DMail comes with an unlimited user license including 12 months of full email support and free upgrades.

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