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Broadcast is an enterprise-class email messaging suite that's easy enough for even mom-and-pop businesses to use. Its MS Office-style interface provides wizard-driven access to a top-notch address list manager and message broadcasting center. Well-designed, logical contact grouping and subgrouping makes it easy to organize mass-mailing runs. The program supports multiple mailing lists, on-the-fly message and newsletter composition, and easy-to-configure keyword sorting and message personalizing. Expert users will appreciate its rapid-fire mailing engine, configurable SMTP server settings, and ISP-friendly timer (breather) settings. A series of easy-to-use wizards enable you to import email addresses from your server, remove undeliverable addresses from the database, and search for keywords such as "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" to automatically update lists accordingly. Broadcast is definitely not spamware -- message origin and header obfuscation isn't allowed here. This well-documented trial deserves a close look.


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