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File, Backup and Find years of Microsoft Outlook data. Archiving emails is not enough: Key information is often contained in our appointments, notes, tasks and meeting records. Instant access to this critical data is essential to making successful decisions. Finding this data is the bottleneck. Automatic Recall solves this problem of filing and finding information by creating and maintaining a chronological “Personal History”, automatically and efficiently organizing your mailboxes, tasks, calendars and other folders. Save Time - No more wasted time spent manually filing and deleting emails. Automatic Recall trawls Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes as well as Sent and Received emails filing away and cleaning up old data. Improve Productivity - No more lost email excuses! Get directly to the information you need to make decisions based on past conversations, meetings and tasks you were working on. Secure Your Data - Automatic Recall automates backups and secures your data by eliminating excessive time and space-consuming copying, so your data is more secure. Ideal for Mobile Users - Take your Personal History with you for instant reference. If your working Outlook files are lost, complete recovery takes minutes, without IT support or disk forensics.


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