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A carrier class messaging solution with outstanding technical support, AXIGEN Service Provider Edition provides speed, security and reliability. Its failsafe, intelligent storage system helps you avoid any interruption of service or loss of data. It offers smooth, automatic migration from any third party mail server and helps you build better and more appealing solutions for your customer base, at highly competitive prices. AXIGEN runs on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP operating systems and provides E)SMTP, IMAP4, POP3 services, Webmail access from PCs and mobile phones, integrated List Server, advanced Logging/Reporting, centralized WEB/CLI Administration. Effortless administration & server operations: -Account Classes (different classes of accounts to provide basic and premium accounts, with different service levels) -Delegated Administration Secured by AXIGEN GrowSecure: -Multiple AntiVirus & AntiSpam support -Multilevel filtering (firewall-like rules) -SPF & DomainKeys compliance -SMTP Firewall; Built-in Milter support -Encryption & Authentication -Access Control; Whitelisting/Blacklisting -Country IP Filtering -Available add-on: Commtouch Real Time AntiSpam Protection Professional AXIGEN UltraStorage: -Indexed data structure -Single storage of emails sent to multiple recipients -Expandable storage; overload prevention In addition: Automatic Migration Engine; Efficient Backup & Restore Seamless email flow with Axigen Smart Processing: -Processing Thread control -Queue management -Virtual queues & routing -Built-in DNS cache accelerates message delivery Time management & mobility: -Localized WebMail (HTML editor, RPOP, temporary email addresses) -Delayed delivery of messages -Mobile WebMail interface -Available: Groupware add-on WebAdmin Demo: Customized technical support, available 24x7. Download your copy now!


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