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We designed 121 Agent to be a low cost way for you to get into e-commerce and electronic marketing, if you have e-mail and Outlook, it could cost less than $50, to automate your e-mails, faxes 26% letters. 121 Agent allows you to easily generate personalized or 1 2 1 (one to one) messages to your prospects, clients, friends, customers, suppliers or associates. Using Outlook Categories on Outlook Contacts you can create a template mail message with personalized details down to the paragraph level. 121 Agent then merges those contacts whose categories match your message options via a message template, and sends the communication via email, fax, printed letter (MS Word) or XML depending on the settings and available addressing on each contact. No longer will you have to sort contacts, have an excel or external database, export some to MS Word for a letter writing exercise. You just write one message and send it to everybody. 121 Agent automates Outlook to ensure the right message information gets to the right person (by name) without worrying how they want to get the message. 121 Agent has an Outlook like interface so you don't have to earn how to drive a new application.


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