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All 16,831 U.S. federal government pdf forms (issued by about 200 government agencies) converted to fillable and savable. A long list of helpful features to allows the user: (1) to insert text anywhere on page: not only to fill-in the form but also to insert user's notes inside the instructions and inside page margins; (2) to change text size, text font, vertical and horizontal text positions (for any given line or for all lines of the form, by a click of button); (3) to change the space between lines (for any two given lines, by a click of button); (4) to type in text of any length to fit in the fill-in space regardless of the size of the space; (5) to copy line into line, or a set of lines into a set of lines, or a page into a page (by a click of button); (6) to have the text perfectly aligned horizontally and vertically; (7) to reset (delete, erase) all the text inserted into a line, or into the form (by a click of button); (8) to convert a fill-in space rectangle to visible automatically every time the rectangle is in focus. The technical support is free and available by a click of button.

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