Verbioso English-Russian Verb Reference System

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# Russian verbs paired by both Perfective and Imperfective forms. # Russian verbs are fully conjugated in the past, present, future, and imperative forms. # Nearly all verbs have a host of example sentences completed translated into English that help show colloquial uses, cases, and idiomatic uses. The verb áûòü for instance has 545 example sentences. (unique feature!). # Each sentence example links to the full definition in the V.K. Mueller dictionary where the sentence came from allowing further insight into meaning (unique feature!). # Three indices are featured: English, Russian, and a complete index of all verbs in all conjugations (unique feature!). # In addition to the three indices, a powerful Java-applet search engine allows for quickly finding a verb (unique feature!). # Available for both Windows and Macintosh including the ability to cut and paste from Verbioso to any application (unique feature!).


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