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VaultMate is a powerful and user-friendly encrytion software providing your password and data security. Your personal information, passwords and important documents that you keep using VaultMate is saved as a special strongly encrycted single database file. VaultMate uses strong 256 bits AES encryption which ensures your security and your file's safety. VaultMate suggests easy solutions for the variety of tasks and projects: Documents Vault - Organize your files and documents, make your work paperless and efficient. Simple Folder type filing structure of VaultMate facilitates the organization of files in a way that is best for you, while storing all the documents in encrypted single database file. Passwords and Sensitive Information Manager - Stop worrying about your privacy, use extremely strong passwords and security codes. Unique password's data structurization with built-in Safe Password Generator and strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) makes VaultMate your irreplaceable assistant. Keep your passwords with VaultMate and no one can access it but you. Work Journal - Gives you a great opportunity to keep and organize business records of the proceedings and events. Designed for easy export to Hyper-Text Format (HTML) and publishing on your WEB-server. Personal Diary - Organize your personal records of daily events, appointments and observations in a suitable form. Combined with the strong encryption. All the passwords you have created are stored in your electronic vault which is accessible only if the correct master password is entered. That way only you will be able to access, edit, move or rename your files. VaultMate has an intelligent password protected lock mode, preventing unauthorized access to your data when you are away. We recommend switching to password protected lock mode every time you work with database and need leave computer for the moment.

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