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UserTime is software for analyzing the time you spend on your computer! It records the time you’ve been logged on to your computer, as well as the time each user is actively working on the computer. It comes with reports and graphs that show the history of computer activity. There are configurable options available for each report so you can easily view statistics over a range of days and times. The software can be configured to run when you log-on to Windows. It can then be set to run as an icon in the notification area of your taskbar (system tray). UserTime can be installed in a network environment which allows you to compare activity time and computer running time for users on different computers. UserTime can also help manage the time you spend on your projects. You can open multiple stopwatches to record the time you spend on each project. Stopwatches can be saved and reloaded. Each stopwatch tracks total running time and the time you have been active. If you are distracted while timing a project on your computer and forget to pause the stopwatch, the “active time’ counter will show you the time you were actively working on the project. Some practical applications for UserTime include: keeping track of your personal computer time, preventing too much wasted time in chat-rooms or games, help your children establish boundaries regarding time on the computer, record the time you spend on different projects

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