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Tree Notes is a popular notes organizer that allows you to manage all your notes in a hierarchical tree with icons. Choose from more than 144 colorful icons in 4 sizes for your notes in the tree. Attach documents (files and emails) to your notes. Store all your notes in a single database file, which can be encrypted. Tree Notes is very easy to use, yet flexible and powerful. It has many useful features, including: * System-wide hotkey for easy activation * Export to plain text, rich text, and HTML * Print all notes or just the notes you want * Search all your notes * Undo feature * Cut, copy and paste your notes * Rich text formatting, insert images * Easy backups * Portable, can be run from a USB thumb-drive * Can hide to notification area * Customization options * Easy reordering of notes in the tree using mouse (drag and drop) One of the more powerful features is the ability to attach files, emails, links and email addresses to your tasks. The attached files can be optionally embedded and stored directly in your database. If you additionally encrypt the database, no one will be able to access the embedded files. The embedded files can be still opened and edited from Tree Notes, preserving all changes. You can utilize Tree Notes as a simple notes manager, or as a personal knowledge base or information management system. You can easily store all your notes in a single, secure place, and manage them efficiently. The ability to easily copy & paste your notes allows you to create and use various templates that you might need. You can also import all your text files into Tree Notes. The oh-so-common mess of .txt files can be solved easily with Tree Notes. Summary: Tree Notes is attractive, easy to use, flexible, and powerful manager that has a wide variety of applications. Download it and see for yourself. It comes with a fully functional 30-day trial.

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