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TrakLoan is a loan management system designed specifically for local and regional development companies that make loans to local businesses and borrow, in turn, from government or other agencies. The system was developed and tested over a two-year period by Peak InfoSystems, Inc. at Pikes Peak Regional Development Company in Colorado Springs, Colorado. TrakLoan maintains a database of accounts, loan types, and a journal of payments and disbursements. The TrakLoan operator enters payments or disbursements into the journal as they are made at various times during the month or other fiscal period. At the end of each period the operator clicks the  [Post Journal] button and TrakLoan posts the journal. Posting updates the account records with the transactions in the journal and produces a posting report that shows the status of each loan before and after posting. Each account is shown on the posting report. If an account had transactions during the period, each transaction for the account is printed showing days since the last transaction, transaction amount, interest accrued, interest paid, principal paid, unpaid interest due, and the current principal balance. If an account had no transactions, accrued interest is computed, printed, and added to the unpaid interest total. All accounts are brought up to date as of the posting date so that you get an accurate figure for interest accrued during the month or other accounting period. Posting also produces a summation of totals for each loan type of interest accrued, interest paid, principal paid, current loan balance and unpaid interest. The journal is erased after posting and made ready for the next fiscal period’s entries. A complete TrakLoan manual in Acrobat Reader format is available for download from

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