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Time Tracker Lite (Free Edition) is a simple, easy to use software product; which helps you get organized, increase your productivity and make better use of your time. Time Tracker lets you keep a check on time spent on daily tasks/project. Time Tracker Lite is ideal for small business entrepreneurs or individuals involved in freelance project. Free for commercial use - fully functional, no charge, no obligations, no ads, no forms to fill out. Download your Free Time management (time sheet) software now !! Time Tracker Lite (Free Edition) Download Free Edition | Screens | Buy Demo CD | Salient Features * Simple, easy to use interface like Outlook * Project Planning * Project Costing * Effective Scheduling * Backup and Restoration of data. Benefits * Easy and accurate time tracking. * Track time & expense towards projects, clients or any entity your business requires * Track billable time to improve profitability * Improve your productivity and performance * Monitor Actual time vs Estimated Time Limitations * No Support * Single PC, Single User Product Cost Rs. 0/- Freeware / Shareware

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