Time Hunter

Project Management


Time Hunter is a manager's software to keep track of employees spending time on the computer. Each installed system builds a log of user's computer activities, capturing the user ids, applications and documents in use. It gathers the data in the background, without manual data entry. On the manager's side, this time tracking system consolidates the data and generates demonstrative charts and/or detailed reports. Data may be extracted by user id, application, document, or date, to concentrate attention on the areas of concern. When used for personal purposes, Time Hunter offers durable and comprehensive parental control and self-control. This time tracker helps managers assess and enhance their employees' productivity, creates time sheets, and provides essential information for monitoring project status and client billing. Unlike old-fashioned time reporting systems that rely upon the good will and good memory of employees to accurately enter information about what they worked on, Time Hunter gathers the data (up to keystrokes and mouse clicks) in the background, without the employees having to spend any time doing data entry. The program's data files are tamper-proof, prohibiting employees or management from distorting the information.

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