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The Right Resume is a Windows-based job hunting package that you can use to create a chronological, functional, or targeted resume and store information for up to ten employers. The program incorporates a fully functional Wysiwyg word processor for creating cover letters, customizing your resume, or for any other word processing task you require. Generate different resumes from one data source without having to retype, and rearrange and delete data easily and quickly. Additional features include a spelling checker with more than 50,000 words; a contact manager database for tracking potential employers, contacts, and interviews; and a calendar for scheduling interviews, appointments, and reminders. There is a mail merge feature that you can use to generate multiple personalized letters from one main document. The program also contains a list of power words that you can use in your resume to give it the impact it deserves. The program includes a complete user's manual, an online help system, and sample resumes.

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