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Text List is a software developed by Amelax for work with a text as with a list. By this program you can create and manage a shopping list, to do list, a list of keywords, email addresses etc. Also it is convenient to make a list of words or phrases separated by a comma, by a semicolon or by whatever you want. In all cases you deal with a text list, a phrase list or just a word list this software will help you. Only think about it: many text information is really text lists. For example a shopping list or a cooking recipe, a list of ingredients or a list of deeds. Of course you may write it down simply as a text. But when you need to correct your list, delete some items, add new ones or even reorder them you will have problems. These problems are awful if you wrote your list on a paper. And these problems are not so awful if you wrote your text list in some text editor. But these aren't the problems at all if you wrote your text list in the program Text List. With the handy keyboard interface your list management will be fast and intuitive. Easy available tips are at your service if you want to find out a purpose or hot key of any interface element. Features: -Duplicates check. -Word and string style sorts. -Make a list separated by commas or anything else. -Extract data from a comma-separated list or a list separated by anything else. -Unicode support. -Export, import of text files. -Save settings with files. -Statistics. -Large number of list operations. -Generate numeric list. -Generate file list. -Change controls font and tab size. -Common edit operations.

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