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Teecal will is a great and easy to use shop management software for the Screen Printing and Embroidery industy. Utilizing TeeCal will help you to manage your business on a day to day bases. TeeCal can assist you with the following task: tracking customers, quoting, invoicing, scheduling, building purchases orders and tracking items that need to be purchased, tracking and building inventory, and manage vendor contact info. TeeCal is one of the only shop management softwares that allow you to have multiple screen printing pricing grids, multiple embroidery pricing grids, and also multpiple markup pricing grids. TeeCal also allows you to price mutliple production jobs on a single invoice. With customizable reports you can view your shops status at any moment. TeeCal provides in depth reporting for quotes, invoices and all financial data. TeeCal has a few new features on the way such as a new plug-in to interface with QuickBooks, an Express Checkout system (acts much like a cash register not requiring customer info for a sale), time card and payroll capabilities, accounting and overhead plugin, and even possiblly a plugin to interface with PeachTree account software. If you have any questions regarding TeeCal please contact us at phone: (409)-356-3964 or email: Support@TeeCal.com .


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