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SurveyGold is a complete software system for building and then administering surveys and analyzing their results. It is ideal for individuals, educational institutions and organizations that need to quickly create and conduct exams or surveys over the web, over the phone or with a printed questionnaire form. It provides point-and-click features that make collecting and reviewing results quick and easy. Full support for automated test scoring is included. An Explorer-style expandable view displays respondents and surveys that have been created. Four tabs access the main features: survey setup, administration, view and analyze results. The system is designed to be operated by the individual administering the survey, making it ideal for conducting telephone surveys or for compiling results from web questionnaires or email responses. An attractive form can be printed, distributed to respondents, and later recorded. * Create web-based survey forms that enable you to merge results automatically into the SurveyGold database for viewing, analysis and reporting. * Requires no knowledge of web design or HTML coding. * Create exams by assigning point values and optimal response to your survey questions. * Automatically create a roster of survey scores based on the responses provided by respondents. * View survey results in full-color 3-D pie, bar and line charts. * Create cross-tab charts to analyze the survey results of any two questions. * Create frequency charts that display response counts and percentages for each question in a survey. * Publish professional-looking report of survey results in Microsoft Word format. * Export results to other data formats for further analysis. * User-defined respondent data fields * Unlimited number of questions, responses and/or respondents per survey. Each question, response or comment can be up to 16,000 characters.


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