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EU tour is to be opened to China, want to make a profit from China? American or even all over the world manufacturer is moving to China. Also you are likely to come. The Chinese economics are paid more and more attention by world. You must get touch with more Chinese, communicate and do business with them. Want to own more fortune? Study Chinese then! Study Chinese is software that attaches importance to spoken Chinese practice. It is especially fit for the Chinese studying people with some experiences. Her specialties are as followed: 1. All the sentences are read by announcer in Mandarin. There is NO one text voice engine(Chinese). We guarantee you can hear the REAL Chinese. 2. All the sentences are labeled by Han Yu Pin Yin including tonality. It's more convenient for your study. 3. These sentences refer to the necessary living facets including touring, shopping, working and meeting a doctor and so on. There are 26 lessons in total. 4. You can read the Chinese when you read English. It's good for your memory. 5. Beautiful interface.


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